Covid Prevention

With new Covid-19 cases surging at rates far exceeding the years prior, I wanted to offer some insight on how I plan to prevent the spread of covid through the little shop and to my customers.

Firstly, as instructed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) I continue to mask while in public spaces and at indoor gatherings even though I am vaccinated. I and my loved ones have been affected by covid and will continue to practice social distancing and wear masks because I care about the health of my community and customers. I also wear a mask while packaging orders and preparing products.

Secondly, I and any contracted employees are fully vaccinated and have been administered the booster. This not only protects us, but helps to prevent to spread of covid mutations and protects our higher risk family, friends and community as well as the few individuals who cannot receive the vaccine for medical reasons.

Thirdly, while Riddle&Wisp is a Cottage Business and is not inspected by a state or local health inspector, I have personal experience in laboratories as well as food service and conduct business under a food handler's license. I also practice the normal "house keeping" you tend to pick up when working for a lab, so the workspace is kept pristine. I do want to mention that the workspace is often cleaned with bleach products and any concerns about sensitivity or allergies of those productions should be directed to our email

Lastly, I have been made aware of the recent amendments to the CDC's recommended quarantine procedure after possible exposure to covid (as well as the abhorrent interview with the CDC Director) and feel confident that R&W will NOT be reducing the quarantine times from 10 days to 5 days after possible exposure. We actually care about people outside ourselves. Should I be exposed, I will notify customers awaiting deliveries that the expected delivery date will be extended until after quarantine. All packages and products will be sanitized before being shipped.

I know as a member of the metaphysical and holistic communities, that there are many who turn a blind eye towards the irrefutable, so let me say this: Riddle&Wisp trusts science and modern medicine. And I will continue to put the health and safety of my customers and my community first. I do not condone or encourage the blatant eugenic ideologies being toted by the CDC or by our communities and I will continue to ensure that this little shop remains a safe and welcoming space for you.


- Aspen <3