Skincare Inspired by Spellcraft

Be Enchanted with Skincare Inspired by Spellcraft

Riddle&Wisp is launching a whole new collection! Enchanted, showcases skincare formulations inspired by modern spellcraft pairing Wort-cunning knowledge and scientifically proven botanical cosmetic formulations to enchant your daily skincare rituals. Each product is expertly crafted with quality ethically sourced ingredients to address your own unique skincare needs while empowering your inner witch.

Inspired by wort-cunning and natural energies, each item in our collection is adorned with a namesake pertaining to it's cultural or ritual origins which you can learn about in the Digital Compendium, a universal online grimoire detailing the magical and cultural stories around the main botanical ingredients in each unique formulation.

And when you're ready to take your wort-cunning knowledge to the test, our collection of specialized spell kits can help you practice your hand working with these clever flora. Each kit contains everything you need to materialize your own magical workings including suggested uses and instructions for a variety of spellcraft.





Nocturne Exfoliating Clay Cleanser

Brazillian Clay and Plum Oil

Solas Gentle Facial Cleanser


Harvest Pumpkin Enzymatic Powder Cleanser

 Pumpkin and Cranberry




 Serums and Essences

 Superne Illuminating Face Serum

Witch Hazel and Marshmallow Root

 Bull Kelp and Red SeaweedMuirin Marine Essence

Facial Toners

 Lunae Brightening Facial Toner

 Licorice Root and Marshmallow