About Riddle&Wisp

That's Me! 

Meet the Owner

Hi, I'm Aspen (They/Them/Thee)! I've been studying and practicing herbalism for fun and function for a little over two decades. The first remedies I learned helping my great-grandmother in the kitchen and eventually developed my own formulations as my skill improved. Herbalism plays an important role not only in my heritage and culture, but also in my everyday life. 

I grew up in a family of modest means and for most of my childhood we relied heavily on home remedies and herbal medicine passed down from the "old wives' tales" my family told for generations. Over the years we learned which recipes were effective enough to be passed down. It became an invaluable skill for our home and our community. My immediate family was fortunate enough to not have to rely on this skill in more recent years, but the importance of practicing was not lost as our situation improved. I view the process of teaching the skills I've learned as a way to support and care for my community and help others to foster independence in their health and care.

I started Riddle&Wisp with the idea to teach others what I had learned from my family in childhood and what I improved on in my own home. I focus on effective recipes and evidence backed methods to promote the cultivation of herbalism and apothecary skills.

A Green Ideal

All of our raw ingredients are purchased from sustainable sources, local businesses, or were handcrafted by yours truly.

It is incredibly important for this company to exist harmoniously with nature. So to start with my best foot forward I ONLY use reusable and recyclable packaging containers, the paper products are largely biodegradable, and I'm always looking for improvements to making the company even greener over time!