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Spell Kits

Spell Kits

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Unlock your magical potential with our custom spell kits. Choose from a variety of carefully crafted spells and rituals packed with the best-sourced herbal ingredients. All spell items are hand-crafted, powerful recipes you won't be able to find anywhere else. These Spell Kits provide you with everything needed for successful magical practices. From our brewed anointing oils to specially crafted salt blends, these kits are a must-have for a witch at any level of magical proficiency.

Each kit includes easy-to-follow instructions and suggested uses for a variety of spells tailored to your individual needs. Practice a new method of spellcraft: create a ritual bath, anoint and infuse a candle, bottle a jar spell potion, offer to your favorite entity, or follow your intuition to craft something original. Harness the power to bring love and healing into your life.
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